Delaney is currently the Director of Content Programming and Search at National Geographic, where she manages audience development from a search perspective and runs a video team that creates 101 videos, telling stories about the world. Previously, whe worked as a Product Manager at The Atlantic, where she lead cross-team collaborative efforts to build products that supplemented The Atlantic’s most important stories. She is passionate about storytelling, a fascination that developed in her role as an Associate Producer at Al Jazeera, where she helped to produce a daily current events discussion show while also advising graphics and visuals for the team’s website and social channels. As a student journalist, she led teams of up to 50 editors to spearhead production of a fortnightly newspaper, Palatinate.


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  1. Hi Delaney,
    My husband and best man were both killed shark cage diving in South Africa on 04/13/08. I am currently working with the United Nations World Tourism Organization and also an primetime news producer to do a segment on my shark cage diving story, the industry as a whole and the impact that my case has on the overall safety of the shark cage diving industry in South Africa.

    Your article falls in line with one of the angles that we are looking at with baiting, chumming, sharks getting lazy, coming closer to shores, etc.

    Do you have time to talk this week?

  2. Hi Delaney – loved your article about travel with pets – one thing you don’t mention, though, is that some countries have strict quarantine laws, limiting anyone’s ability to travel with a pet.
    Australia, for example – a year or so back a visiting US cinema superstar got into a terrible mess, bringing his dog with him on a short trip to Oz.
    Travellers with pets should check this out, before even booking their travel tickets. It may apply in other countries – I’ve no idea.

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